ADMEF and LA Memorial School - our family school in Ghana

2020 May - December

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LA Memorial Academy.

Here 'L' is for Lilian and 'A' is for Abraham.

Lilian and Abraham had 7 children, 2 were Japhet and George.

Japhet grew up to leave Dansoman, Ghana for a career in Finance in New York, US.

George grew up to leave working at the Bank of Ghana and check up on his eldest brother Issac in Yorkshire, UK. After some time George chose to pursue a career in Mental Health in Colchester, UK.

After some decades the issue of inherited land in Ghana and a deeply rooted sense of duty to the needy among Ghanaians led Japhet and George to build a house in one land plot and a school in the other plot (there are some stolen land plots in between, which will know will return to there rightful owners someday).

The school was named 'LA Memorial' School, named after Japhet and George's parents; Lilian and Abraham.

The house was nicknamed 'The Aryiku Residence'.

Japhet and George were very pleased with themselves.

Japhet created ADMEF (Adakum Education Foundation) in New York to nurture LA Memorial School.


Today I'm posting this journal entry because my darling Dad George Aryiku lost his life to Covid-19.

George's work colleagues wanted to fundraise for him, many meetings followed.

'Not to us...' said Charlene '... we can't take it. Let's give to the school Uncle Japhet'

'Not to me...' said Japhet '... I can't take it. Let's give to fight covid-19, it goes back to the NHS'

'Not to them!...' said quite a few tired NHS workers '...#@£!'

So, I recently added ADMEF to the donation option on this tribute site.

You will see the link takes you to where you will see ADMEF's work and the progress of our school.

You can send a cheque to:

Adakum Educational Foundation
525 West 141st Street
New York, NY 10031
Att: Ellen Aryiku/Japhet Aryiku




You can donate on the site by clicking their donate button.




Contact me on this tribute page (Contact Charlene) and I'll find another way!